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Jam ring tin

For those who loved the Custard Cream tin, M&S have now come up with a Jam Ring tin (filled with superior Jammy Dodgers).

And scoop one up when you see it because, going by the empty shelves, either they’re selling out like hot cakes or are a very limited edition.  

Forbes rich list

If you’re fed up with getting less than 3% on your savings, you could check out the Forbes list of the world’s richest people to see how they managed to make their fortunes.

But if you thought it was just full of bankers, IT ubergeeks and heirs of old money you’d be wrong. This list is proof that, with a bit of effort, practically anyone can make their millions (although admittedly it definitely helps if your rellies left you a small fortune to start with).

Take a look at number 1140 – Joaquin Guzman Loera. He’s made his meagre one billion dollars by drug-smuggling (allegedly) – although from a quick shufty at the comments on his page it would appear that he’s actually Mexico’s equivalent to Robin Hood.

At 459 is Philippe Foriel-Destezet, who made 2.5 billion dollars by starting a temp agency, matching up people who want to work with people who need workers. Now surely anyone could that, assuming they could be bothered.

One of the lucky heirs, William Wrigley, comes in at 565. He inherited a chewing gum empire from his granddaddy and is now worth 2.1 billion. Someone really should make him go around scraping the damn stuff off the pavement.

My personal favourite is at number 223 – Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen. He might have inherited his wealth but thanks to his genius ancestors this man has made 4.7 billion dollars out of Lego. I thought I used to be pretty creative with the stuff but 4.7 billion – that’s impressive!

Forbes 2011 billionaires list


I thought the whole point of evolution was that things get better with every generation – but it seems that’s not so when it comes to wallpaper.

For some time now, design magazines have been trying to foist wallpaper on us all. Not just bland, background paper that your granny might have had to hide dodgy plaster-work either but lary, blah-type wallpaper that would have you reaching for your sunny-g’s if you saw it actually pasted up on the walls.

I can’t help but wonder if anyone is buying this stuff. It might look fine in a weeny little magazine photo where there’s nothing else in the scene except a couple of artificially arranged bits of pointlessness but why would anyone want a giant patterned wall to compete with all the other clutter in their house?

Charity crisps

Last night, I unwittingly bought a packet of Walkers Stephen Fry-up crisps (the colour of the packet duped me into thinking they were Cheese & Onion).

Today I ate them and soon wished I hadn’t. They were grim and tasted more like a burnt pan after the fry-up had been removed from it. Probably.

On one hand you could say that these charity donating crisps are a good thing, with 5p from each bag going to Comic Relief, but my cynical hand sticks two fingers up to that and reckons it’s more likely that Walkers are just doing this as an excuse for some blatant self-promotion – they’ll most likely make more from this latest bit of marketing than they’ll actually be donating.

So, to avoid any kind of crisp-related moral dilemma this charity marketing may be giving you, I recommend that you simply stick to your favourite flavour non-Walkers crisps (or a compromise flavour, now that Tomato Ketchup and Savoury Vinegar seemed to have disappeared off the face of the earth) and stick a few quid in the Comic Relief collection bucket when it comes around.

Besides, if the Stephen Fry-up flavour is anything to go by, you can probably expect the other flavours to taste like something along the lines of the remnants of yesterday’s cat-food bowl, a serial marathon-runner’s trainers and the flakey variety of goldfish food.

Lego box

When I was little, Lego was my favourite thing. I used to make whole villages from the stuff – connecting the houses by roads made from pick-up sticks and driving around them with my Matchbox cars.

If I’d had a box as great as this to keep my bricks in, I might still have them. Maybe it’s time to start my 2011 Christmas wish-list. Mu-uum!


I’ve been very slack with this site recently – mainly because I’ve been super busy doing something else – but when I saw this I had to share.

Sadly, I don’t think it will fit on my bike. Maybe I’ll have to design something that will. Handlebar antlers that glow in the dark perhaps?