Westfield and crap advertising posters

I was waiting for a bus when I saw this image which captures two things I hate in one picture.

Quebec advert hoarding outside Westfield shopping centre

Firstly, Westfield.

I’m not a big fan of shopping malls in general. They’re fine if you live in the sticks and have to go everywhere by car and they’re all you’ve got but why did anyone think it necessary to build one in London where the whole city’s yours for the price of a travelcard?

And Westfield is far worse than Bluewater or Lakeside. I can’t put my finger on why I hate it so much. All I know is that the minute I get inside the place, I instantly lose all desire to shop and can’t get to the exit quick enough.

Secondly, crap advertising posters.

This one is a classic. If you can decipher any of it, please translate for me. What does ‘Providing emotions since 1534’ mean? It’s just jibber! Emotions aren’t provided. They’re sometimes stimulated – and this advert has certainly stimulated a few of mine.

Whoever came up with the idea for it should be ashamed of themselves. And whoever actually gave the nod and handed over the cheque should be set in concrete with ‘This is where your evening leads’ engraved on it, then dumped into the river. Or maybe just sent to Quebec.


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