Shaker peg rails

I was just putting up the umpteenth peg rail in my flat and recalled the first time I ever saw one in The Shaker Shop in Harcourt Street.

Shaker pegIt seemed such a simple yet ingenious idea and I had to buy one even though I didn’t have a clue where I’d put it.

There was so much I wanted in that shop and when I got some money I bought an oval sewing box in cherry but I what I really hankered after was the enormous cherry wardrobe with the special hidden compartment.

Later, they opened another shop on the Kings Road and another on Marylebone High Street but either the style fell out of fashion in London or the shops were just poorly managed because they all disappeared a few years back.

Such a shame really because for those of us who live in small spaces, the Shakers can provide a great deal of space-saving inspiration. Just give them a Google and you’ll see what I mean.

Now I make my own rails – easy to do as there’s quite a few peg-makers selling their wares on Ebay.

The peg rail I just put up is for my new but extremely old folding chair. It’ll only come down off the wall when I have guests but it fits perfectly in an otherwise dead space in the hall.

Hanging folding chair

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