Copper jelly moulds

The other day I discovered a new crush – an antiques shop called Jamb just off Pimlico Road.

It’s the most amazing place to wander around, not just because of all the lovely furniture – which I’m sure mostly comes from crumbling country piles whose owners have had to sell it off in order to pay for roof repairs – but because of the building itself, which is a rambling old warehouse parqueted and painted so it’s a bit like an odd film-set version of a country house.

Copper jelly mouldApart from the grand staircase that goes nowhere and the gorgeous repro fireplaces, the thing that caught my eye was a threesome of old copper jelly moulds.

I’ve always had a bit of a thing for pastry cutters and baking implements so wasn’t surprised that I liked them so much but when I went back and saw them for a second time, it occurred to me how similar they are to sand castles.

Always one to indulge my childish whims, I went straight to Ebay to see if I could get one on the cheap, but it seems lots of other people are rather fond of these little copper sand castles too. There’s even one up for sale with a Buy It Now price of  £395. And the seller is charging an extra £10 delivery!

So, having neither the money nor the space to start a new collection, I’ve decided to stick with my meagre box of pastry cutters and will just nip off to Jamb whenever I need a fix of beautiful but pointless dust-gatherers.


3 responses to “Copper jelly moulds

  1. cheesypeas

    have you looked at bompas & parr? amazing jelly!

  2. I’ve not – are they grand?
    I don’t actually like jelly – which is why if i got one of these it really would just be a dust-gatherer!

  3. cheesypeas

    don’t know what they taste like, but they look incredible

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