Light bulbs

When I was about 14, I bought a giant light bulb from Habitat. I’m pretty sure it was made by Osram and was about 35cm in length and looked, and was proportioned, exactly the same as a regular-sized, clear light bulb.

That bulb hung naked in my bedroom for years. I loved the patterns that the glass made around the walls and ceiling and its big filament was like huge insect antennae.

When I went away to college, my mother removed the bulb and replaced it with a bulb-hiding lampshade. She said it burned out but I wasn’t convinced – she never did like it (mother, if you’re reading this: j’accuse!).

Bulb light by Sofie ReferI’ve since hunted all over but no-one seems to make giant bulbs any more – and I guess it’s safe to assume that with energy-efficient light bulbs taking over the world, no-one ever will again.

To get my light bulb fix these days I have several ‘Bulb’ lights by Sophie Refer.

I love them almost as much as my giant bulb but I do worry about what will happen when regular light bulbs are banned – as we keep hearing the EU are planning on doing.

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