The dumbing down of Marks & Spencer

I have loved shopping at M&S for as long as I can remember – since the days when they did mini chocolate-covered jam swiss rolls and the best cheesy puffs in the world.

I worked there as a student, not just for the money but for the discounted food we used to get at the end of each day. I even got the nickname ‘Margot’ because I was the only student who had a fridge full of M&S food.

But now things are changing. Not only does their own chocolate leave a disgusting after-taste but the shelves of my local store are stacked high with items such as Walkers crisps and Twix multipacks. Apparently ‘some’ customers have said they would like M&S to carry branded foods.

I suggest ‘some’ customers bugger off to Asda and stop ruining the M&S shopping experience for the rest of us.

This issue is bringing out the psycho-shopper in me. I have to work hard to resist jumping on people and pleading with them not to do it as they put branded goods in their trolley.

I feel a strange urge to make a placard and march up and down outside the store in an effort to get other shoppers on my side but sanity is just about prevailing.

Instead, I am calling on YOU to join me in clicking on the following link and asking M&S to stop trying to please everyone and go back to being a shop that we can be proud to shop at. One that sells high quality, original food.

Marks & Spencer customer service


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