Charlie Brooker

Last night, Charlie Brooker won a Royal Television Society Programme Award for his series Newswipe – and as much as I loathe awards that aren’t voted for by the end users (including the Oscars, Baftas, Brits and Sonys etc) – this is one award I’m really happy about.

Charlie Brooker

For those who work in broadcasting or journalism, Newswipe should be compulsory viewing – yet not surprisingly, buried away as it has been on BBC4, a lot of people have never heard of it.

If I was in charge of a newsroom, I’d hire Charlie Brooker to come in sporadically to watch the programme and then give his all at the feedback meeting.

Just knowing that there was a possibility of Charlie showing up would probably get people trying to sharpen up their game – and if you watched the item about a certain style of boots on the BBC’s Breakfast show last Monday you’d know exactly the kind of sloppy journalism I’m talking about.

Hopefully now Newswipe is an award winner, it will get another series commissioned and move from BBC4 to BBC2 and get the promotion it truly deserves.

Until then, those of us who love Charlie Brooker’s acerbic observations about all that is truly shite will have to get our fix from his weekly column in The Guardian.

Charlie Brooker at The Guardian

Newswipe clip

2 responses to “Charlie Brooker

  1. cheesypeas

    Ooh and he lives near us! I often see him wandering around..

  2. Yes – I once saw him when it was snowing. He was very under-dressed and in need of a hat.

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