Buying electronic goods

It recently dawned on me that I could do with getting a new laptop.

There’s nothing disastrously wrong with my old one – a Sony Vaio – except that its C drive is almost full and it’s started running a bit slow. Plus it gets so hot I can use it as an extra radiator and I’m convinced it’s roasted some of the meat on my thighs but considering it’s about seven years old and I ask it to do a fair bit in the way of graphics, it’s not doing too badly.

So now I have the hideous task of finding a new one. It only has to fulfil two requirements: have fantastic design/build quality and perform perfectly.
See – I don’t want much!

Actually there’s a third requirement – it has to be fairly inexpensive. So that rules out all the Mac’s. Plus, although they’re beautiful, I don’t want a Mac because then I’d have to buy new software. And they’re a bit annoying.

To cut a very long story short, I’ve whittled it down to two choices – the HP Pavilion DM3-1020EA and the Acer Aspire Timeline 5810TZG .

They both have partially aluminium casing and are mildly better looking than most I saw on my Tottenham Court Road recce. The HP has a slightly better spec. The Acer is a bit prettier and bigger. But the HP is cheaper. Although perhaps I should get one with a bigger screen. But the bigger screen Acer has a slower processor and is about £120 more expensive.

I really can’t decide – it’s just too much for me. It took almost a year for me to decide which mobile phone I should get. (The Blackberry Curve 8520 eventually won the toss.)

So which laptop shall I get? Ip dip…



7 responses to “Buying electronic goods

  1. My Inspector Gadget OH says that he would recommend the HP, if that’s of any use to you.

  2. Really? At the moment i’m leaning heavily towards the Acer because of the bigger screen. I use Photoshop a fair bit so it would make a lot of difference having the screen size i’ve already got plus the bit extra at the side. The HP would be downsizing in height! Plus I’ve found the Acer for £75 less so it brings the price range closer. Has Inspector Gadget used the 5810 or just the HP?

  3. He says that at the end of the day, screen size is important when using photoshop etc, equally important is the processor speed and memory for RAM and hard drive etc. Do HP do a version with a bigger screen within your budget? Having said that, as long as the processor is powerful enough for your needs on the Acer, then go for it. Happy shopping!

  4. cheesypeas

    wish I had an inspector gadget..

  5. Don’t we all CP!
    JB – the bigger ones aren’t as nice looking – or as portable. I’m figuring that if I remove all the excess software off the Acer and make sure I close any unnecessary windows when I’m working it will probably be fine. It is prettyish!

  6. Actually CP, I bet Mr Brooker would know – give him a prod for me if you see him out buying his groceries!

  7. cheesypeas

    He looks like a bit of a Luddite to me..

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