Laptop shopping – update 1

Yesterday, my cyber-friend Cheesypeas called Charlie Brooker a Luddite. She was in fact very mistaken here – Charlie is a total geek. It is me who is the Luddite. Possibly even the Queen of Luddites as I loathe change in technical things unless it makes them better – and simpler – to use. I don’t like reading instructions, I hate iClutter and have no room in my life for an ‘app’ to tell me how to wipe my arse.

Anyway, after an excessive bout of indecision over which laptop to buy, I finally decided on the Acer. I bought it, got it home, started going through all the start-up process only to find it refused to make its own restoration back-up disk. Twice.

After the support people had been most unhelpful by telling me to ‘try a different brand of disk’, I started using the thing only to realise the whites were pink. Now forgive me for being fussy but I think white should be white – not like something out of a mixed-wash accident.

The other thing I hated about it was that it had number keys down one side, so when you type your hands aren’t central to the board. This might be all very well if your computer is on a table but on your lap – supposedly where the word ‘laptop’ comes from! – it’s all off-centre and VERY annoying to use. And why would you need numbers at the side as well as along the top unless you were an ambidextrous accountant?

Sony Vaio VPC-S11V9E/BAnyway, luckily I had bought it from dear old John Lewis and they gave me a full refund without any hassle.

After which, I went window-shopping again and, apart from now having a crush on a black Sony that’s way out of my price range, have found nothing better than the HP on my original list.

Although it’s smaller than the Sony I already have, it does have more power. And I figure that on the rare occasions that I really need a bigger screen I can always plug-in my old one.

I’ve just ordered the HP from Amazon and now have to wait several days for it to arrive. It better be perfect.

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