As I was loading up my newly assembled wardrobe drawers, I realised that I have an awful lot of bras – hardly any of which I actually wear.

A not-so-quick count revealed that, including the one I’m wearing now, I actually have 44 bras.

It also dawned on me that I’ve been wearing a bra for about three-quarters of my life (excluding sleep time – and obviously not the same one).

Truth is that I hate wearing a bra but as I’m way too busty to go without, finding the perfect bra has become a bit of an obsession.

bra ballAnd if you’re a bra-wearer you will know that mission is almost impossible as even if you find one that fits a treat when new, it’s never the same after the first wash even if you do it by hand.

So now what should I do with the vast number of bras that I’ll probably never wear again?

I think whoever made this ball had the same dilemma.

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