For the past few years, since ditching its cheap predecessor for having a wonky chuck and an absurdly short cord, my Makita cordless drill has been the jewel in my tool cupboard.

You might well wonder how anyone can love a drill but unless you’ve had the misfortune of having to bore holes with a really bad drill, you will never be able to appreciate a machine that makes perfectly straight holes with the greatest of ease.

Combined with a decent drill-bit, my Makita goes through plaster like a thumb pokes into an overstuffed profiterole in warm chocolate sauce.

At least it did until last Thursday when my beloved drill suddenly stopped turning, mid-hole.

I instantly got that odd feeling in my gut – you know, the one you get when you realise that the only way out of a problem is to throw money at it. Money you don’t have.

So after calling my dad for suggestions as to what might be wrong, I called Makita to find out whether it was fixable.

A delightful man on the other end of the phone said it was probably just the gears and that, even though I didn’t have a warranty, if I sent it to him he would mend it for me – gratis. Not only that but I posted it on Friday afternoon and it came back first thing yesterday, all fixed!

Makita 8280D drillNow I believe, via tales from the old folks, that back in days of yore this sort of thing happened all the time but these days good service is about as extinct as the Brontosaurus.

So I would therefore like to honour the lovely people at Makita with a gold star for making great products and giving fantastic aftercare. Thank you!

(And their website header video is hilariously macho – like something from Tool Time)


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