Sunday papers

This afternoon I spent six hours reading newspapers and their weekend stuffings. The tips of my fingers are consequently tinged black with newsprint, all buffed and polished from turning the shiny pages of the supplements.

My brain is now overloaded with snippets of information, statistics and opinion. I worry that it will all merge and the wrong facts will muddle together into a useless wordy gravy in my head.

I have now formed a better opinion of Gordon Brown after reading his answers to the Q&A in yesterday’s Guardian magazine. I do hope they were genuinely his answers though and not what some cynical PR person coached him to say.

It was shocking to find that the mother of a teenage girl allowed her to have a kitkat and coke for lunch in an effort to avoid getting fat. If parents can’t, or won’t, offer better nutritional guidance to their kids then the future generations really are stuffed.

Tana Ramsay’s recipe for lamb sausages in prosciutto was pulled out to be stored for a rainy day. I don’t eat lamb (I never eat animals that I like when they’re alive) and can’t abide the smell of cumin but the recipe is a good starting point for me to experiment with. I’m super-picky when it comes to food so rarely follow a recipe straight from the book. Probably why I have more disasters than successes but such is the life of a creative fussy-pants. On the plus side, I have evolved the bestest-ever recipe for Chocolate Crispy Cakes and make a mean Fat Rascal.

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