May Day

Pinch and a punch and all that… I forgot it was May Day today. The day when we should all choose something new to rebel against.

This tradition started for me 10 years ago when I was working with a bunch of morons who were moaning about the May Day anti-capitalist protesters. They were trying achieve something good for us all with their protests and I felt quite sad that I wasn’t out there with them. So instead, I thought I’d have my own little rebellion against ‘The Man’ and decided to ban McDonald’s from my life. Not that I went there very often anyway but I realised that by selling burgers for 59p they were pricing the little sellers out of the market and virtually forcing people on low incomes to feed them to their kids.

At the end of that day in May 2000, the police got a bit heavy-handed and riots kicked off so I decided never to join the protestors publicly but when I remember, I like to do something small in the fight against the greedy.

This year I’m going to ban Cadbury’s. Once one of the great English chocolate production houses supporting their community – now sold off to the Americans. And the Americans might make the best burgers in the world (excluding McDonald’s) and the best ice cream but they know nothing about how to make chocolate. Unless you like chocolate that gives you an aftertaste of fresh vomit.

So that’s it. No more Cadbury’s chocolate for me. Ever.

Ban Cadburys


One response to “May Day

  1. I wish someone would force me to eat burgers. However, is it not the culinary ignorance of poor people that forces them to spend my tax dollars on burgers rather than ‘der mann’?

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