Pilotis by Gaukroger & Partners

Wandering around the Grand Designs show, I came across a house a lot like this…

Pilotis by Gaukroger & partners
It had a bedroom at the front, a living room at the back and a kitchen and loo/shower room in the middle.

The interior layout could be redesigned to use the space a little better. There was a corridor that was a bit redundant and in a small living space, not even a millimetre should be wasted. But I’m nit-picking – it was potentially a very beautiful place to live.

It occurred to me that I would need at least two of them for live/work purposes so when I looked at the Gaukroger website, was very pleased to see that they’ve designed two inter-connecting units.

These Pilotis seem to be a great solution for those who want to self-build but can’t bear to spend years wrestling with builders. Now if only there was some spare land somewhere livable for me to put a couple. I wonder if Camden Council would let me have a little patch on the top of Primrose Hill.

Gaukroger & Partners

Grand Designs is on at Excel until 9th May 2010.


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