It seems I’ve fallen out of love with the hunt for new music lately. I’m not too worried though – we’ve fallen out before but always found each other again sooner or later. Music never bears a grudge.

The last time my love waned it was – and I really to hate to use this term – ‘Britpop’ that brought me back. Somewhere in 1994 I heard Alright by Supergrass and decided to turn the radio back on. I was rewarded with an abundance of gifts from a whole host of lovelies who I’m not going to name in case any of them read this and think they were my favourites. If you were listening to the radio back then you doubtless know who they are anyway.

I once said I would never get rid of any of my music collection but recently (partly to do with my THRIFT column) I gathered up some CD’s that I never really liked anyway and sold them all to MusicMagpie. With the proceeds, I bought a little machine that converts cassettes to MP3 format so now I can resurrect some of my old favourites before they disintegrate.

Still don’t think I could ever part with my old vinyl though. I guess that as you get older you take more risks with what music you buy than when you were younger and money was harder to come by.

The worst thing, musically-speaking, about getting older is that no-one makes you mix tapes any more. I was thinking of making an MP3 version and posting it here for you but it would probably break umpteen copyright laws so I’m chickening out. Battling with The Man isn’t something I want to waste time on.

Instead, I’m going to list a few random songs that I’d be quite happy to hear right now and if you feel like listening to a great tune that you’ve not heard in a while – or ever – you can get dearest Google to help you find it (the sound quality will probably be just as bad as a dodgy old C90!).

mix-tapeMotown blood – Mando Diao
Gangsters – The Specials
I feel love – Donna Summer
My heart beats faster than techno – Milky Wimpshake
Whatever – Oasis
Tightrope & Tell me – The Stone Roses (I do like to play the back-to-back game on a mix-tape)
Macy’s day parade – Green Day
I’m in the mood for love – Lord Tanamo
1am – The Subways
I feel the blues coming on & You are my sunshine – Hayden Thompson
Get busy – Sean Paul
Kansas City – Wilbert Harrison
Where did you sleep last night? – Nirvana
Jolene – Dolly Parton
Sort it out – The Caesars
Roller coaster by the sea – Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers
Would? – Alice in chains

There you go. Quite a short list really but it’s a start. And if you can think of any tunes that you think I shouldn’t miss out on hearing, please let me know. Particularly new stuff.

5 responses to “Music

  1. My eldest daughter’s Godfather made a mix tape for her not long after she was born. I will have to dig it out again and see what he put on there – I think there was some U2 and Simple Minds on there! I am sure my daughter, who is now nine, will think it is either hilarious or embarrassing!

    When we moved house, I found an old cassette which my sister, our neighbour and I recorded when we were 9,10 and 11 years old – a spooky story with hammy acting and over the top sound effects – I haven’t yet had the courage to listen to it and we moved 6 months ago!!

  2. You must! It’s probably hilarious. Do let me know when you do listen to it.

    Your daughter is lucky to have such a thoughtful godfather – i’m sure she’ll be really touched by it. You should definitely get it uploaded to a different format though before cassette players become extinct. This is the gismo I bought…

  3. It will be strange to hear myself with a northern accent but maybe I will have a little listen tomorrow. We moved down south when I was ten and the accent disappeared (apart from the odd word ie. bath, grass etc) many years ago. I am sure the memories will come flooding back. I think the cassette player is in the garage…

  4. Nothing wrong with a northern accent. I grew up with an essex accent – that’s one that’s best lost! Thank goodness there aren’t any cassettes of junior me in my closet.

  5. Did you listen yet JB?

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