Finishing things

Just watching the last episode of Location, location, location on catch-up got me thinking about my own home and its current state of affairs.

I bought it in February 2005 – not because it was the perfect flat but because it really does have the perfect location: two minutes to the park, three minutes to the river and about seven minutes to Chelsea.

From day one I knew it would need work but that didn’t bother me. I love doing DIY. Actually that’s not true – I love the idea of DIY. I love the design part but the doing part, not so much.

Five years and three months of often gruelling work later, it’s almost finished. I’ve had the kitchen wall removed and made the whole living space open plan. I’ve put wooden boards down throughout. I’ve tiled the bathroom wall and floor, replaced all the doors, fixtures and fittings and decorated everywhere. Now I just need to put a tiny bit of beading round the cupboards in my workroom and then it’s done. It wouldn’t even take long – an hour at the most – yet I’m not rushing to do it. I’m not excited about the idea of it being finished as most people probably would be.

At work I’m fine with finishing things – give me a deadline and I’ll probably even bring the job in early but without a deadline, I just can’t do it. I seem to have the ‘finishing’ gene missing.

4 responses to “Finishing things

  1. Location, Location makes me go ‘urgh!’

    DIY is drawn-out tiresome work, and hey, maybe you enjoy the design aspect but don’t ultimately care about your dwelling’s appearance so much.

    If it wasn’t for the existence of women I would live in a cave with a fridge, a TV and a straw bale.

  2. The sad thing is, I do care! I can’t bear to share my home with anything badly designed. Maybe that’s my problem – if I accept that it’s finished, then it’s like saying it’s the best it can be. Which, of course, it never will be!

  3. Ooh, maybe you should be doing this for a job instead. And get someone else in to do your home.

  4. Trouble about getting people in is that, in my experience, they generally make a bigger hash of things than I do – and at least I learn from the bodges that I make myself!

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