My dog-niece Maisie and I have been living together for about 51 hours now.

She’s come to stay as the rest of our family have buggered off to Greece to either get married or watch others get married. (I’m allergic to the sun so got out of that one – plus I have no desire to look like a raisin.)

MaisieMaisie’s being rather well-behaved so far, apart from a weeny argument over my bed on the first night.

She doesn’t know I’ve watched numerous episodes of the Dog Whisperer though and her big pointy teeth are no match for my
pack-leader skills when it comes to duvet-domination.

In the outside world Maisie’s a bit of a wimp and although I’m following Cesar’s rules and getting her used to the city noise by several trips to the park each day and some light shopping, she still freaks out occasionally when she’s off the lead and there are lots of people about. Also she ignores all the dogs who come over to say hello.

Maybe I should send her off to doggy-daycare to try to improve her social skills. I’m sure some of Chelsea’s posh dogs would show her how to sniff butt in an acceptable manner.

2 responses to “Dogwatch

  1. Dogs are more genetically diverse than humans, so although they have simpler minds, in a way there may be more scope for innate personality difference. Every dog I’ve known was a very distinct individual. Love ’em.

    I went to Greece and ended up a shivering, sun-blasted wreck. Sun-stroke is NOT nice. And I wasn’t even sunbathing; I just went for a bloody swim!!

  2. My hands and cleavage are so itchy despite the antihisthamines – I forgot to splash the factor 50 today. Bring on the rain!

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