Staffies and crows

It was all going so well at the park until a truck-like Staffordshire bull terrier shot across our path and swiped a crow out of the air. Then Maisie and I found ourselves under siege.

The not-yet-dead bird just stood there, stunned and grounded, and a riot broke out in the trees above. The other birds – either because they missed seeing the original attack or just because the Staffie looked too scary for them – chose to take out their anger on Maisie and we got dive-bombed by two very angry crows. It was like a scene from The Omen.

crowBut Maisie’s confidence has grown in heaps over the past few days. She didn’t bark or run. She didn’t even flinch as I waved the ball flinging stick at them to stop them pecking her eyes out.

Today, for the first time, Maisie played with other dogs. She used their toys and shared hers. She let strangers pet her and got compliments on her good manners. This dog wasn’t going to let a couple of bully-birds upset her game of fetch. Maisie rocks.


2 responses to “Staffies and crows

  1. You are the Dog Whisperer mark 2! Well done Maisie for remaining calm in a very stressful (and extremely scary) situation, but it just goes to show that she trusts you and feels safe with you. I wonder what her owners will think of her when they come back to collect her.

  2. She just undid herself JB. Normally she ignores anything food related in the park but just went on a picnic-leftovers binge. Least, I hope that’s what she ate! I think she’s getting a little bit too comfortable.

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