St. Pancras station

There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get as you wander around a station when you’re not going anywhere, watching all the people hurriedly lugging their bags between departure boards and platforms, clutching their Upper Crust baguettes.

Passing time at St. Pancras station is even more special. Perhaps because it has the Eurostar and I can’t even hear the word Eurostar without feeling that I’m almost on holiday.

Not only does it have the Eurostar, but St. Pancras station has a Sourced Market in place of a Whistlestop, a Fine Burger Company instead of a Burger King and if you want to stock up on goodies for your journey here, there’s a Neuhaus chocolate shop and a Peyton & Byrne bakery selling home-made-looking cakes in tins and milk chocolate with Cornish sea salt.

The other thing I adore about St. Pancras station is the beautiful hotel at the front, which I’ve only ever imagined going in as it has been derelict for years and now has the builders in. A company called the Manhattan Loft Company are doing something to it – presumably making Manhattan-style lofts and not restoring it back into a hotel.

But such is life. We might not be able to travel back in time to see a fresh-faced St. Pancras hotel but we can travel forward – straight out of the station and down into Europe via the Eurostar (are you feeling it yet?).

Or failing that, we can remind ourselves that the exchange rate on the pound is extremely low against the euro and just visit St. Pancras every now and then to sample its delights and play a little game of make-believe that we’re going on holiday. On the Eurostar, of course.

St. Pancras station


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