Portraits & pimples

Thanks to Photoshop, it no longer matters if you have a giant zit on your chin when you get a new passport photo. Just scan it into your computer and in a few clicks your skin is spot-free for the next 10 years.

It occurred to me that portrait painting back in days of yore was probably similar to Photoshop in that wealthy gents might pay the artists a few extra pennies to do a little… tidying up.Hans Sloane

But then I saw this statue of Sir Hans Sloane in Chelsea. It’s so beautifully carved – the eyes actually look like they’re drawn on in pencil – yet the sculptor has carefully chiselled two hideous great moles on the poor man’s face.

Today I went to see the Wallace Collection and it was full of paintings of people who could only, at best, be described as ordinary-looking, complete with a whole assortment of lumps, bumps and droopy jowls.

If I was going to spend hours on end sitting still while someone painted or carved my likeness, feel free to call me shallow but I’d want them to concentrate on my good bits. None of that photorealism for me.

3 responses to “Portraits & pimples

  1. It all depends on who your painting and their level of comfort with the process and confidence in themselves. Vanity or insecurity can equal a non-reality in the portrait representation of someone. Confidence and acceptance is real. I confess I do love my photorealism. :))) Thanks for posting

  2. Your pics are great Nadine – really good.
    But it looks like you have done a wee bit of smoothing and polishing and I’m sure your sitters were really grateful for it. A few less wrinkle is always a good thing and no-one needs to spend eternity with a great big mole on their face.

  3. Thanks. Smoothing and polishing is cheap plastic surgery 🙂 LOL

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