The budget

No surprises there then.

Chancellor George Osborne holding a more appropriate Budget BoxBut what really gets up my nostrils is that, while he was coming up with his list of peasant-screwing measures, instead of using Treasury officials to do the job we pay them for, apparently Georgie Boy had them wasting time badgering the National Archive to let him use Gladstone’s old budget box, which has been put into retirement because it’s in such a poorly condition.

There are plenty of other similar boxes George could have used but oh no, he wanted the original one – presumably so he could put a nice photo up in the family drawing-room of him holding the box to show what a successful boy he is.

Come to think of it, getting his portrait painted is probably more George’s style. I hope the artist gives him lots of extra moles.


9 responses to “The budget

  1. Love it.

  2. I Like,,so sweet

  3. In fairness to Osborne (and it pains me to run to his defence) but chancellors using Gladstone’s budget box is a long tradition. Since Gladstone the only chancellors not to use it have been Callaghan and Brown. It would have been Darling who had civil servants retrieving it from the archive when he reinstated using it in the 2007 budget. I can completely see why Osborne would want to use it if possible.

  4. Sorry but I don’t hold with the ‘tradition’ excuse under any circumstances. An awful lot of the horrors in this world are committed in the name of ‘tradition’. Surely the whole point of evolution is that we should regularly re-evaluate and adjust our behaviour and practices accordingly based on the available knowledge?

  5. Taking a 150 year old briefcase just as 46 of the people of who previously held his job is hardly one of the “horrors in this world”.

  6. I agree that in this case ‘horrors of this world’ is hyperbole, but there’s a valid point that he was using resources to accomplish a trivial goal.

    He has such a horrible, sneering schoolboy face.

    Please do humankind a favour and ask at every opportunity, “but whom is the money going TO?”

    We are supposed to endure ‘austerity’ as a populace to cover the ‘deficit’… There is not a big hole in the ground somewhere that is called the deficit; the deficit is money supposedly owed TO PEOPLE. Who are those people!? Rich bloody bankers!

    It’s a rigged game.

  7. I thought it didn’t need saying that the case usage wasn’t a ‘horror of the world’. So I didn’t say it. But obviously it isn’t.

    ‘Tradition’ is still not a valid argument – particularly when not everyone before him has used it. The tradition has already been broken.

  8. Yeah, I didn’t think that you meant it literally – it was a pedantic thing to pick up on, I thought.

  9. But hey, everyone is allowed to have their own opinions.

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