Naughty, not NICE

One part of the National Health Service (which I’m generally a big fan of) today stuck its ugly head in the air to show us that there is definitely one area of the NHS where cuts can be made – a 100% cut.

I’m talking about the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (or NICE, as they like to call themselves), who came up with the statement ‘All pregnant women should be encouraged to have their carbon monoxide levels tested to determine whether they smoke’.  They say their aim is to ensure ‘that pregnant smokers receive appropriate support to quit for the good of their unborn baby.’

Firstly, what’s wrong with the low-budget way of finding out that answer by simply asking the women?

Secondly, what are they going to do if they find out that pregnant women are smoking? Imprisonment and forced abortions? Have the people who work at NICE never heard the ‘You can lead a horse to water…’ proverb? 

And how much more of our money is being wasted by these morons on similar gibberish? Shed-loads, according to their 2009/10 annual report.

So come on Con-Dem leaders, stop living up to your posh-boy stereotypes by going for the easy targets like the poor and the elderly and swing your axe at NICE instead.

One response to “Naughty, not NICE

  1. William Hague’s cry of “It’s a Labour Quangocracy!” echoes rather hollow now, don’t you think?

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