Fish fingers

I’m a fussy mare when it comes to eating and whenever I go abroad for more than a few days I really start to miss certain foods – especially fish fingers.

Even though I rarely eat them these days and haven’t been away for ages, a couple of weeks ago, I suddenly got a real craving for them again and since then have had them rather a lot.

Birds Eye Haddock Fish Fingers (don’t accept any imposters) in a big fluffy white bun with ketchup (Heinz), tomato relish and sliced pickles (Gurka Inlagd from Ikea).

They’re so good; I felt it would be really selfish not to share.

fish finger burger


5 responses to “Fish fingers

  1. My kids HATE fish fingers. We hadn’t bought any for years until my OH mentioned a fish finger sandwich longingly. We now have fish fingers in the freezer and the kids still hate them, although my eldest ate all of hers saying she was only eating them because she knew she had to, not because she liked them. Kids. BTW, my fish finger sandwich consists of dry white bread and a big dollop of HP sauce. Yum.

  2. Dry bread! Each to their own. (Although it might explain why your kids don’t like fish finger butties 😉 )

  3. I believe the mcfish from macy D’s is based on the above recipe. Altho try asking for a mcfish without using the ‘mc’ part. Impossible, they know what you mean but will not serve you

  4. McFish? Is it not still called ‘Filet o fish’ (pronounced ‘fillay’) anymore? I’ve not been in the McEvil emporium for a decade now (see my ‘May Day’ post if you want to know why) but I bet their fish isn’t 100% haddock though. Probably just random fish scrapings.

  5. mmmm fish scrapings

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