Space invaders

This morning I found three mouse droppings on the floor by the soffice. I’m not sure why; I’ve lived here for over five years without any sort of invasion – except for the odd silverfish that occasionally scuttle across the bathroom floor and the flies that go round and around and around under the living room light every summer.

But why now? The place isn’t any dirtier than usual – it’s actually a bit cleaner – and there’s no new holes or food sources.

Or maybe that’s it. After my post about ‘finishing things’ and a verbal prod from my sister, I finally did the last bit of floor edging in the workroom. Now this place is officially finished, word must have got out amongst the rodent community: ‘Spacious flat, great location, fully refurbished and steady supply of rabbit food and bedding on the balcony. Rabbits harmless but beware leaving by front entrance as neighbour’s cat often patrols the landing.’

This uninvited visitor has made my home feel violated and sullied – like a burglar but a bit less scary. As much as I’ve always been unfussed about mice in the workplace, I don’t want them in my home so I’ve embarked on a massive cleaning session including washing the floor (admittedly not something I do too often).

Thankfully anything edible is already either in sealed containers or the fridge so at least I won’t be eating mouse poo anytime soon but what if it was crawling in the cupboards leaking pee all over my cups or cutlery – and what if it gives some nasty disease to the bunnies? They could get the plague!

Would it be premature to invest in a supply of mouse traps at this stage or is war necessary in order to reclaim my territory?

2 responses to “Space invaders

  1. Go to a pet-shop, get a good handful of shavings from the clean pet rats’ cage, put it in an open container somewhere discreet like under a wardrobe; if your place is two-storied or a large flat maybe space two or three different containers out.

    The smell will repel mice. I tried this and it works. You could also use a blanket or towel from a cat’s bed.

  2. Thanks for the tips G.

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