I spy with my little eye…

Am I the only one loving all this talk of Russian spy-catching? Every time I read anything in the papers, images like something out of an episode of Mad Men appear in my head, along with giant-finned Cadillacs and twin sets – and it’s all in Glorious Technicolor.

I do wonder what kind of information they were/are trying to get though. Surely all the western world’s secrets are already out in the open by now?

We know who’s sucking the money out of the economy and what it’s being wasted on. We know how badly certain governments are running their countries and we know whose hands are up the backsides of those government leaders. What more is there to find out?

Except, perhaps they want to know why Joe Public continues to put up with being repeatedly dumped on without calling for a communist-style revolt.

It would explain why some of these people were planted in US suburbia along with their Coca Cola and light beer. Where better to spy on the average 2.4 and sow the seeds of revolution?


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