It’s too hot!

Of all the things I hate, being hot comes right at the top of the list. Probably because with most of the things I hate there’s someone to blame so I can get some sort of release, but the sun isn’t being stupid or thoughtless, it’s just doing its usual thing. And the clouds aren’t deliberately evaporating and the wind isn’t blowing half-heartedly on purpose. There’s just a whole load of natural factors all happening at the same time making it TOO BLOODY HOT!

So now I’m hiding indoors with all the blinds down and the windows on the sunny side shut, half delirious in the heat, fantasising about being the filling in an ice cream sandwich. Please don’t invite me anywhere because there’s no way I’m going outside again until the cooler hours of the morning.

If proof were needed that it’s officially too hot – Argos has sold out of all their air conditioning units in London. I’m wondering if it’s worth spending a few hundred quid and getting a proper wall-mounted unit. Would it be an extravagance worth shelling out for? At this moment, I’m inclined to think it would.

For now, I’ll just have to make do with looking through the Lonely Planet Finland guide that was on the doormat when I came home and dreaming of cooler days to come.

snowman in Battersea Park


6 responses to “It’s too hot!

  1. You need some Magicool. It really works. I was selling ice creams (and not eating any) at the school fair today. I was in the shade but it was sooo hot. Hope you manage to cope with the heat over the next few weeks. BTW, we are getting some tortoises tomorrow. I am so excited. I am a sad sad person. 😉

  2. New pets! – that’s so exciting and not sad at all.
    Have you had tortoises before? We looked after some when I was a kid and they were always running away. And the size of their poops was a bit a a shock too. Tortoises are such weird little creatures. They look like really ancient men with no teeth.

  3. They are here!! We have never had any tortoises before but I have always wanted one and now we have three. They have settled in really well. My wonderful OH built two tortoise tables – one for in the greenhouse and one for outside, with a little tunnel between the two. They have eaten loads and are now napping, after yawning a lot earlier on this afternoon. They are adorable and we can already tell their personalities. I get the feeling I will be spending most of tomorrow sat outside with them rather than doing anything productive. How are your rabbits coping with the heat?

  4. The rabbits are fine thank you – they just lie around semi-comatose until the sun goes down. Perhaps their coats insulate them from the heat as well as the cold.
    So what are you calling the new tortoises?

  5. My kids have named theirs Lightning and Thunder (!) and mine is called Sheldon. We have no idea what sex they are and won’t know until they are 7 years old so mine might end up being Shelley if it turns out to be a girl.

    I am now wondering whether we will get any more hot and sunny weather after this week’s grey and rainy offerings.

  6. I love this blog.

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