A blow to Democracy

Alas, the peaceful protestors in Democracy Village have been evicted. This will make parliament’s occupants (and Boris Johnson) very happy I’m sure but this Londoner isn’t quite so pleased.

It’s not that I’m a raving peacenik or anything but I like the fact that some people are. They put don’t-really-carers like me to shame with their willingness to camp out in inhospitable places and point out the injustices of the world.

It was also rather nice to see a campsite in the middle of town. It had a village fete feel about it and always made me smile as I looked down at it from the top of the bus. And let’s face it – smiles don’t come that easily on the top of a bus in this hot, stinking London summer.

A spokeswoman for the mayor apparently said “The square will now be closed temporarily, during which time the site will be restored for the use of Londoners.”

This woman is obviously an idiot. No self-respecting Londoner ever goes to Parliament Square – it’s basically a green traffic island surrounded on all sides by constant noisy, filthy traffic. The wonderfully verdant St James’ Park is only two minutes away for anyone in need of a sit-down. As for its restoration – it’s just a square of grass. How much restoration does grass need?

The lovely thing about protestors though is that, like in a game of Whack-a-Moley, they always pop back up somewhere else. I believe The Queen has a rather nice back yard in town just ripe for pitching a few tents while she’s away for the summer.

Democracy Village, Parliament Square

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