Every now and again, in an effort to find a healthy alternative to biscuits, cakes, crisps and oh-so-delicious custard filled choux pastry, I give porridge a try.

The trouble is, I hate porridge. I’m not entirely sure why – I mean, I like flapjack and I like milky drinks so my liking porridge should a foregone conclusion. But it’s not. In fact it makes me want to wretch. It’s soggy and tasteless and looks like it ought to be used to repair cottage walls.

So now I’m putting it here, in capital letters – I HATE PORRIDGE. Hopefully writing it down will also engrave this fact on my brain so I won’t make any more foolish shopping choices, resulting in more money wasted on porridge.


3 responses to “Porridge

  1. It’s good for you, though!

  2. The porridge in that picture certainly doesn’t look very appetizing. P:

    I haven’t tried it in years; I remember hating it the last time I had it, though.

  3. I swear that porridge photo gets more rank every time I look at it.

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