Pillivuyt cow creamer

Pillivuyt cow creamerFor some time now, I’ve coveted a cow creamer.

And even though I have no intention of buying one – I don’t need it, won’t use it and don’t do dust-gatherers – the cow creamer of my desire has to be made by Pillivuyt. I’ve seen cheapo versions that look almost identical and they do absolutely nothing for me at all.

But why do I want one? I’m buggered if I know. The only reason that I can think of is that somehow reading Jeeves and Wooster novels at a tender age has had a much greater influence on my tastes and desires than I would have suspected.

Perhaps, since a country house and a valet are both out of my financial reach, my inner self is compensating and squishing all my fading hopes and dreams of a life of luxury into a French milk jug in the shape of a cow.

2 responses to “Pillivuyt cow creamer

  1. I don’t do dust-gatherers either. My mother-law from my first marriage(I hate saying from my first marriage. Didn’t get it right the first time)anyway, she wanted me to collect something so she bought into a series of mugs for me. I would get one every month. They were very nice, gold rimmed. I forget what the theme was but it didn’t matter because I wasn’t then nor am I now interested in collecting dust-gatherer’s. A few weeks ago I threw out an artificial green plant that looked really nice in the corner of the living room(my husband thought it was real when I first bought it) just because I didn’t want to have to dust it. Bought a really nice live Wandering Jew plant and now I have managed to kill that. So it is back to the artificial plant because the corner looks really bare without something. So I guess I will try to remember to dust it. End of story. :p

  2. Nah, just get cut flowers and save yourself the bother.

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