This morning I woke to find an email on my Blackberry from the National Lottery telling me they had exciting news about my ticket for yesterday’s draw.

I tried not to get excited, thinking it was probably only a £10 win, but still a small part of me was buzzing with optimism. I mean, they said ‘exciting news’, not just ‘good news’ or ‘better than a poke in the eye news’.

What would I spend the money on? I wondered as I rinsed away all the farmers’ market mud from the bathtub. I could get a cleaner to do this for starters, I thought, but then decided that there’s no way I’m having someone else rummaging around my home.

glass igloo under the Auroro BorealisNext I decided I would book an arctic holiday and stay at the Ice Hotel and go dog-sledding and zoom around on a snow-mobile. I could sleep in a glass igloo and watch the Aurora Borealis swirl its magic above me as I drift off to the land of nod – or not, as is usually the case whenever I’m on holiday.

I could sort out any of my family’s financial bothers so we could all be happy and free… and then I logged onto the Lotto website.

So, what shall I spend my tenner on?


2 responses to “Lotto

  1. Lol, I know the feeling. Still it was nice to get up this morning and know that I too was a tenner richer.

    Don’t spend it all at once.

  2. Maybe we should each spend it on 10 tickets for the draw next weekend. We might be on a lucky streak.

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