London sky

There are some truly vile things about getting up early in the morning but the sky over London this morning isn’t one of them.

On some days, London sky is grey and cloudy and flat like the whole city has its head buried under a blanket. More often, it’s like a child’s drawing of sky – pale blue with fluffy white clouds blowing all over the place but today, just briefly, it was endlessly blue with little aeroplanes zipping across it every few seconds.

There are people who complain about the volume of planes going across London but not me. Mostly, the traffic in the city is so loud that any aeroplane noise just gets lost in it and I figure that if you can hear the planes, you’re just lucky you can’t hear all the traffic too.

This morning, not even a vapour trail sullied the sky and it prompted me to wander along like a loony singing Joanna Newsom’s ‘This side of the blue’, which really is the perfect tune to start the day with – unless of course you already happen to have ‘It’s a beautiful morning’ by the Rascals playing at full volume in your internal MP3.

Aeroplane in sky over London


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