The biscuits versus cookies debate recently flared up in my presence so of course I felt compelled to pip in. 

My definition is that biscuits should be hard and crunchy and able to last for years if kept in an airtight jar and out of my sight. Also, biscuits are rare in that they look and taste better when they’re mass-produced in factories. Cookies, on the other hand, are definitely better when they’re homemade and should preferably be slightly undercooked and chewy.

So, cookies aside, here are my top 5 current favourite biscuits, in no particular order:

Malted Milk Creams




Malted Milk Creams (Fox’s): The sofa biscuit
Apparently custard creams have been voted the UK’s favourite biscuit but I think these go one step better. They’re slightly less sugary and not so crumbly, which is a very big plus when you have to do your own hoovering.

Party Ring


Party Rings (Fox’s): The pretty biscuit
Lovely to look at, taste great and even have a little hole in the middle so you can pop them on the ends of your fingers and eat them like Hula Hoops.


Rich Tea Fingers (McVities): The Cinderella biscuit
Rich Tea FingerThese biscuits don’t look like anything special. They’re cheap and low in calories. They’re the biscuits you don’t even notice on the shelf, but use them as a spoon for a creme caramel and their true beauty shines through.

BourbonBourbon (Crawford’s): The night shift biscuit
Perfect for the wee hours, Bourbons aren’t too sweet and they have plenty of fiddle factor to keep you entertained for a good few minutes. Available in a 3-pack at a tea-bar near you.

Garibaldi (any make will do): The survival biscuit
GaribaldiIf you’re travelling anywhere where getting food might be a problem, these are the biscuits to take away with you. They’re fairly light and squash-tolerant. There’s no wasted space in their packaging and they’re full of dried fruit. In fact, if you were stranded on a desert island, you could probably survive for years on nothing but water and Garibaldi biscuits.

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