There’s nothing quite like that feeling you get as you’re shuffling along in line at Heathrow waiting for your slot on the main runway…

Plane waiting for take off - Heathrow

…and finally it’s your turn and the engines all kick in and the pilot puts his foot down and the speed picks up and up and up and then you’re going so fast that it feels like you might actually take off… and then you do…

plane taking off - Heathrow

…and as you leave the ground and your tummy flips with excitement you notice that even the ugly bits of London look beautiful from the air…

Plane flying above London

…and soon you leave Earth and enter a mashed potato world where you learn the secret as to why no-one will ever find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow…

round rainbow on the clouds

…and your mind wanders to all those days you lay in the park looking up at the fluffy white clouds skipping across the sky…

fluffy clouds

…and then the clouds vanish and you’re flying across perfect patches of land that appear to float on the big blue sea…

Swedish coast

…and then it’s not long before a bit of turbulence kicks in and as you’re jiggling around in your seat, the pilot tells  you to put your seatbelt on in readiness for landing…

Finland from the air

…and the ground gets closer and closer…

Coming in to land at Vantaa airport, Helsinki

… and then with a few little bounces of joy the plane comes in to land at your chosen destination.

Plane landing at Vantaa airport, Helsinki

Then just a few days later, you get to do the same wonderful journey in reverse, arriving home just as the sun sets.

Plane flying towards London at sunset

I love flying.


2 responses to “Flying

  1. I was following your progress along LHR 09R and over J3 of the M4 though I lost track a bit of your route. I have a feeling the coastline might be Dinard-St. Malo (took a ferry from the harbour there about 3 weeks ago). No idea where the destination was, though.

    Great photos.

  2. If you let your mouse loiter over the photos, some of them have locations – I was on my way to Helsinki, flying over Sweden on the way there, Denmark on the way back.

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