Helsinki design week

As I’ve just been to Helsinki to see what design week had in store, I felt it would be mean not to share my favourites from the Habitare exhibition…

uhtua table and stools

Table and stools by Uhtua, made from ancient Kelo-wood pine.
UhtuaAnd if you’re wondering what Kelo-wood is, click here to find out…

Chair by KainuWooden storage chair by Kainu.

It also comes in a lovely grey shade and has extra storage in the back.









KIEKKO – chalk board wall clock by Muoto
Far more elegant than the write-on Alessi clock that I saw recently, you can write whatever you like on this one – Breakfast, Second breakfast, Elevenses…

Nikari KVL1 chairNikari KVL1 chair
The level of craftsmanship from this company was superb and I couldn’t resist running my hands over everything.

Klaffi-hylly shelves

Klaffi-hylly shelves by Elsa
The ultimate in space-saving shelving, although I suspect it would make you really anal about what you put on display.

And if you’re considering applying to study design you could do a lot worse than apply to Aalto University School of Art & Design – I didn’t get any photos but there was some really interesting stuff being exhibited on their stand.


2 responses to “Helsinki design week

  1. Glad you had a good time. Looks like you found some amazing stuff. Were you tempted to buy or are you using it all as inspiration?

  2. Thanks to the useless exchange rate with the £, everything was sooooo expensive – except travel, which was still cheaper than London. Thankfully I don’t actually have space for anything new though so didn’t feel too broken-hearted. (Plus Fazer chocolate was still affordable, even though they no longer make the delicious Coffee Crisp flavour.)

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