Fazer Lontoo rae chocolate

Being the fully pledged chocoholic that I am, I was really looking forward to chomping into a bar of Fazer’s Coffee Crisp chocolate when I got to Helsinki but less than an hour after my arrival, I was told the heart-breaking news that Fazer don’t make it any more. My trip was to be Coffee Crisp-less.

Instead, the shelves of Stockmans were loaded up with a whole load of flavours I’ve not seen before, such as Walnut Crunch and Lontoo rae – the latter being chocolate with licorice bits mixed into it.

Now, when it comes to chocolate, I like to leave no bar untasted but I have to confess that the idea of a chocolate/licorice combination really didn’t appeal. Still, I have a curious mind so bought a couple of bars – one for me and one as a gift.

A week later and both bars are gone. Damn stuff was bizarrely delicious and I feel no guilt whatsoever at eating that second bar.

Fazer Lontoo rae chocolate

So if anyone who works at Fazer is reading this: PLEASE get your company to start selling chocolate in the UK. Now that Cadbury’s have gone to the dark side, we really need you and your imaginative combinations.


9 responses to “Fazer Lontoo rae chocolate

  1. Lidl is where I get weird good European chocolate for even cheaper than stinky Dairy Milk.

  2. OMG that sounds gross, but I would be willing to try a nibble, just for trying’s sake. I bought a chocolate bar with daim bar (dime bar) chunks in it on holiday. When we got home we went to Ikea and there it was on the shelf in the swedish food section. Bought a large bar, along with 2 bags of mini daim bars and a bag of chocolate covered daim nuggets. Yum. I don’t think I have ever seen Fazer chocolate before, but if I see any, I will buy some and post it on to you. Have you tried looking online to see if you can get it mail order?

  3. Thanks Julia.
    You can get it mail order but the postage makes it horrifically expensive. They sometimes have Fazer chocolate in Skandium on Marylebone High Street if you ever find yourself there. They usually have lovely little chocolate filled mint sweets called Marianne too. I’m a sucker for the packaging.

    And G: that would require going into Lidl. I say no more 😉

  4. I was in Liberty today (lovely trip to London with a friend – not often I go so it was a nice treat) and saw some licorice pipes. Haven’t seen any of those for years. They were also made in Finland, but didn’t think to see which company made them. They were in a beautiful box and were quite rightly £6.95. As you can guess, I didn’t buy them!

  5. Ooh, they sound good. I’m sure my dad would love them too so i might have to add them to my list come 1st December.
    Can’t believe you weren’t tempted by Liberty’s 15% discount days.

  6. I had just spent a fair amount of money at the knitting and stitching show at Alexandra Palace so I felt it was not wise to indulge further. Must go back to Liberty soon. We just had the best time. Love visiting London but really glad I live in a little village. xx

  7. I guess they both have their merits. I’m just waiting for the day that the winning ticket comes my way so I can have both options. Fingers crossed!

  8. hey I work for Fazer – yet not on the candy side… :/
    Fazer is one of the biggest sweets producers in Finland and they also make bread and other products.
    They’re well-known for the quality of chocolate.
    I was just browsing about Fazer Lontoon rae (=London grain) chocolate as I ended up here.
    Next time you visit Helsinki you must also try those Lontoon rae -grains sold separately. its very good. Only recently did they develop this mix with the chocolate – Thank god! 😀 BUT With the chocolate Its more than divine…

  9. Hi Essi – are you from Finland?
    There’s lots of Finnish stuff on my site because I’m a big fan.
    Please use your influence to get the Fazer sales dept working to get their chocolate in the UK. I’m sure they’d make a real killing here with their great flavours. Or maybe you could just talk them into sending me a nice giant parcel of chocolate so I’ll give them some more publicity 😉
    The Lontoo rae grains are similar to English Licorice Comfits, but no-one here has ever mixed them in chocolate, to my knowledge.

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