The shed

For a long time now, I’ve been hankering after a beautiful, woody office/den/ workshop/general outbuilding to install at the bottom of my garden. Something along the lines of any of these would be perfect…

…and a snowy forest setting would be the icing on the cake – but as the reality of my garden is a 1 x 3 metre concrete balcony covered in plants and rabbits, I’ve long since come to terms with the fact that this will remain a fantasy. However, this still hasn’t stopped me wondering how I could somehow fit a shed into my world.

Then a couple of weeks ago, during one of my regular frowning sessions at the wall in my bedroom which has dodgy plaster and hideous externally mounted electric cables and heating pipes, it hit me – or rather it snuck up on me suddenly in the manner of a sneaky thing, just as I crawled into bed.

An excited little thought started jumping round the room shouting “me, me, me-me-meeeeee!” (this could go some way to explaining my frequent insomnia), so I decided to go with it – after all, who am I to stop an excited little thought from realising its true potential?

Much googling later and a teeny shed was trucking its way to me from somewhere up north. Now it’s safely tethered in my bedroom, away from winds and temperamental elements…

shedroom wall

[At this point I should say that it looks much better in the flesh than it does in the photo and that a mirror will be going where it looks like a window ought to be on the right-hand panel.]

The only problem is that being so sheltered from the weather, my shed is never going to turn that beautiful silver-grey colour that outdoor sheds go, so I’m faced with the dilemma as to what colour I should paint it.

At the moment there’s three options on my list: (1) paint it the same colour as the bulk of the wall (Twilight Cinders); (2) paint it the same darker colour as the wardrobe wall (Potters Clay); or (3) really go for it and paint it deep red with a white trim like a Finnish country cabin.

Or perhaps you can come up with an even better option. Any thoughts?


2 responses to “The shed

  1. Potter’s clay is my first choice. It looks amazing and I can just see your unto this last lampshade which also looks fab. My OH thinks it looks bonkers though. No accounting for taste…

  2. Ha! Men can be so meat and potatoes.
    I think i’m with you on the Potter’s Clay Julia. I’d love the red but it might not be very condusive to a good night’s sleep.

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