Helsinki odds and sods

Ok, one last post about Helsinki and then I’ll shut up, I promise, but I did want to share a few random goodies.

First, the view from Cafe Aalto in Stockmans book building, designed by Finnish architect Alvar Aalto. It’s a great place to sit with a coffee and a slice of Ekberg’s apple pie. Good bookshop too and thankfully full of books written in English. As you can see from the category heading, Finnish is not the easiest of languages to get your lips around. Unlike the pie.




The Arabia factory. A total rip-off when it comes to factory shops – you’re much better off getting  your Moomin mugs at Helsinki’s great airport shops or Stockmans – but there’s something rather lovely about that bit of typeface.



 Fantastic wooden buildings.  Need I say more?

The friendliest and speediest red squirrels I’ve ever met inhabit Seurasaari island public park. Warning though: take nuts for them or they’ll chase you like a bunch of muggers after their crack fix.

So that’s it until my next holiday – whenever that may be.


2 responses to “Helsinki odds and sods

  1. I’ll happily trade Helsinki’s park muggers for Glasgow’s.

    Beautiful buildings!

  2. Do you think the way I described that ‘trade’ is grammatically correct or must it be the other way round? Yeah, I probably have to start with the ‘X’ I already have and trade it for the ‘Y’ that I prefer.

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