Shed update

Yip! Several coats of paint later and the shedroom is finally¬†finished…


7 responses to “Shed update

  1. It looks great and I love the colour. Well done, very inspiring. What are you doing with the left over wood?

  2. Thanks Julia. Hopefully it’ll look even better when the eggshell paint loses some of its current gloss.
    At the moment the leftovers are just hogging the hallway but as I can’t think of anything I want to do with them, I’m going to donate them to my dad if he wants them. I’m sure he’ll have a used for them.
    The floor and ceiling bits are that giant composite chipboard stuff which looks good but is a tool-killer so unless i can think of something to do with it whole, it’ll be donated too.

  3. cheesy peas

    So cool! Where did the shed come from? Is it a proper real shed? Sorry if this has been explained, I’ve not been on for a while x

  4. Welcome back cheesypeas!
    Yes, it’s a real shed from Walton’s sheds (although their hinges were cheap and nasty so I bought new ones) plus I added the top ledges and dividers between the panels. I still have the roof + felt and the floor if you’re in need.

  5. Wow – you are so creative – I do love the look! Thanks for the offer of the other bits, but I honestly wouldn’t know where to start..

  6. I like to colour…glad it’s all finished.

  7. Thanks David. Hope you enjoy the move to HWH!

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