What is it with crows?

One of the joys of having your own website on WordPress is that they supply you with detailed statistics about what internet search terms have brought people to your site.

As someone who often asks Google long-winded but usually sensible questions in an effort to articulate what I’m trying to find, as well as going for the single word option, I’m really surprised at the utter gibberish people often seem to type in the search box, along with the gross and downright weird.

Here are a few recent oddities that have brought people in my direction…

mcdonald’s won’t hire me cuz of my turban
pencil case in campise in kmaret
scary bloody hand prints on a wall
sad guinea pig portraits
yellow flakes under foreskin
damp crumbled chipboard
cctv to lard
chocolate wrappers waste
making contact with dead pets
omen dead fish smell
pink fish sandwich marks and sparks
funny cat flying falling down like an aeroplane in the sky

womble teeth
(and my own personal favourite) bunnies with big bumps and leaking

But strangest of all is the sheer volume of searches about crows that have been made. Almost on a daily basis at least one crow search comes my way and these terms are what people have been searching under…

crow nostril (umpteen times)
crows anatomy
two-headed crow
angry crow
anatomy of a crow’s nostrils
big sweaty crow
crows portrait
two crows
crows coming out of cake

And presumably, now I’ve mentioned the C-word so many times, it will bring a lot more crow-fanciers in my direction. So if you’ve arrived here because you used the word CROW in your search, please tell me – what is it with crows?


2 responses to “What is it with crows?

  1. Maybe it’s part of the big secret — the crows run the internet?

  2. What if I told you that half of those are all mine..?


    I keep getting people searching for female bodybuilders cos I mentioned them once. ‘Women on steroids’ – that sort of thing. Today it’s simply ‘huge women’.

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