Fairy lights

If  you’re in possession of a free ticket to the Elle Decor tent in Berkeley Square this week, it’s worth nipping in just to see this wonderful light made from copper and dandelion fairies…

It’s even better if you gently stamp your foot beneath it as the whole thing quivers in the most exquisite way. Sorry for the lack of credits but I forgot to ask who designed it.

There are lots of other rather lovely things there – along with some hideous blinging monstrosities that only people with way too much money and who have run out of other things to buy would even consider – but best of all is the way the tent has been constructed to accommodate all the trees in Berkeley Square with the carpet neatly cut around their trunks. Pity the poor bugger who got that job.

2 responses to “Fairy lights

  1. Went to Berkely Square yesterday and it’s all gone.

  2. Such is the nature of temporary exhibitions.

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