It’s dawned on me that people in the UK are being shafted out of an Autumnal Bank Holiday by not celebrating Thanksgiving. Sure, we have Guy Fawkes Night – which is of course the best night of the year and I’ll write about that nearer the time – but we don’t get a day off because of it.

So I think we should campaign to get ourselves a Thanksgiving Bank Holiday and late October seems to be the perfect time to do it, coming right between the August BH and Christmas. And if the government come up with some blah-de-blah economic reason why we shouldn’t have an extra holiday, we can just trade off one of the May holidays. There’s too many then anyway – and what’s with them always happening on Mondays? Why can’t we have a Bank Holiday Wednesday for once? Or Friday so we can have a long weekend? (ok, we get Good Friday but that’s months away so doesn’t count).

In fact, as no-one else seems bothered enough to do it, I declare the last Friday in October as unofficial UK Thanksgiving – which this year would make it fall on Friday 29th October.

It will be a non-religious festival to celebrate the beginning of Autumn. We can light the first fire of the season (or spark up the central heating for us city dwellers) and as it will occasionally land on 31st October, will give people who don’t do the Halloween thing the perfect excuse to indulge in a bit of pumpkin carving.

After stomping through piles of leaves first thing in the morning, those of us who will be at work that day should just pretend we’re not and try and keep a happy and peaceful frame of mind and be thankful that our jobs aren’t a lot worse than they are. People who are not out at work should be temporarily thankful for that fact and spend the day preparing lots of lovely Autumnal treats for those who are (after going out for a bit of leaf-stomping, of course).

Here are some suggestions for such goodies – although I’m hoping that any Canadian or American visitors here (and anyone else who wants to) will offer up some more of their traditional Thanksgiving recipes…

Libby’s Famous Pumpkin pie
Pumpkin Ginger Nut Muffins(FYI: In London, you can get tinned pumpkin in Waitrose and Fortnum & Mason.)

Oh, and if you’re on your own and have neither the time, facilities, nor inclination to bake, get yourself down to Godiva and buy yourself a bag of half-chocolate-covered candied orange – not cheap but worth every penny.

2 responses to “Thanksgiving

  1. Give it another 20 years and we’ll probably get Thanksgiving — we seem to have imported the abomination that is Hallowe’en.

    I don’t mind Hallowe’en in its original form but now it’s a shameless attempt to sell tat in shops — and ‘trick or treat’ — has a stupider thing ever been invented?

  2. Halloween is mostly just a bit of fun though isn’t it? I’m all up for it so long as they don’t start marketing Halloween stuff as soon as Easter is over.

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