Fish feet

There are many strange ways to fill ten minutes and sitting with your naked feet dangling in a tank full of water while little fish nibble away at your toes is definitely one of them.

It’s not as scary as it looks. It feels more like you’ve put your feet in a giant bowl of slightly warm fizzy water.

The point of doing it – apart from to get a cheap thrill – is that the Garra Rufa fish pick off your dead skin, leaving your feet lovely and soft. And it works. My tootsies definitely feel softer than they did before and I still have all the toes I started out with.

If I’ve not put you off, Aqua Sheko have got a temporary stand in Selfridges for a few more weeks. It’s £12 for 10 minutes.

4 responses to “Fish feet

  1. I don’t think I would ever plan to put my feet in a tank full of fish, but if I were in London and I walked past something like this, I may be tempted to give it a go (assuming my feet were fit for public viewing). So many opportunities in cities, I’m feeling very out of the loop at the moment.

  2. The woman who was in the tank before me had the most rammy-looking feet with half her toenails missing. Mine were positively princess-like in comparison.
    I’m feeling very in need of the country at the moment. Trouble is I have no idea what I’d do if I moved there. I think i’d last about a week at tops.

  3. I have been dying to try this but none of my friends will come with me! Will go on my own next time I have some spare time. Did they re-fill the tank after the cheesy-footed one? It would not be sharing the water I would mind so much as the fish not being hungry any more..

  4. No, same tank – the fish just eat and eat.
    Apparently, on days when they don’t get many customers, they feed the fish with cucumber. Not sure where the similarity is but it seems they’re quite happy with a diet of toe-cheese and cucumber.

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