Crap in a bag

What is it with those people who think it’s acceptable to scoop their dog’s crap into a bag and then leave it sitting there on the pavement?

It’s not ok people. It’s most definitely not ok.


9 responses to “Crap in a bag

  1. The delights of London life?

  2. That’s gross. I don’t want to imagine how bad it gets when the sun shines on it for most of the day…

  3. What really gets me is that it’s prolific in Chelsea – an area pretty much devoid of regular rubbish. The same people that wouldn’t dream of dumping litter seem quite happy to do this.

  4. Don’t get me started on this – I have been known to (politely) call after people to tell them they’ve forgotten to clean up. I’ve also (less politely) tooted my car horn and shouted at them from my car. I’m a regular menace!!

  5. Good for you CP. If only more people got miffed about it, the problem might go away.
    I’ve never actually seen anyone dump a bag but I have this fantasy that if I did, I’d pick the back up by its handles and beat the person around the head with it until the bag split on them.
    It’s probably a good thing I’ve never seen it happen!

  6. What a lovely fantasy!

  7. Well, you know, when faced with a bag of crap, it’s hard to come up with anything more pleasurable.

  8. I wasn’t being sarcastic! I was joining you in it.. imagining the bag breaking after the first couple of blows to the head, meaning that lumps of dog poo, crumbly from the heat, trickling under collar… am I getting carried away..

  9. Haha! If I read in the local paper about a woman going crazy on an irresponsible dog-owner, I’ll know it’s you. (I won’t tell though ;))

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