Happy Thanksgiving!

Because it seems that no-one official cares enough to pick a date, I’ve declared today as unofficial Thanksgiving here in the UK.

And as the point of this Thanksgiving malarkey is to be thankful about something, my pick is to be thankful that autumn has finally arrived so I can dig out my boots and woolly tights in gleeful anticipation of a crisp, cold winter with lots of knee-high snow.

Please join me in trying to find at least one thing to be thankful about (you can share here if you feel like it), but don’t forget to go and find yourselves some leaf piles to stomp through. Crunchy autumn leaves are definitely things to be thankful for.

2 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Happy Unofficial Thanksgiving UK! I am thankful for the gloriously sunny days that we have been having recently, which are only just cold enough for an Autumn coat and light scarf. I will definitely be looking for some leaves to stomp in this weekend. x

  2. Yay! A convert.
    Have a good Thanksgiving weekend Juliab. x

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