The extra hour

For as long as I can remember, in the week before the clocks are due to turn back an hour, the media have got all excited following the ‘should we, shouldn’t we’ debate about whether going back to GMT is a good idea or not.

Within hours of the clocks turning back, they move on to the next story and nothing more is mentioned – until the next autumn when the same old discussions make the news again.

It’s not a debate I’m particularly fussed about – one hour more or less of light in the morning or evening doesn’t really matter to me – I’d be quite happy if the clocks went back and forth on a weekly basis just to mix things up a bit.

But I do like the fact that this weekend we’re getting an extra hour. One more hour to do anything at all we feel like. One more hour to do nothing at all if that’s what tickles our fancy.

I’m going to spend my free hour in a vigorous bout of cleaning. Not because I like cleaning but because if I manage to fit all the cleaning into the extra hour, it means I won’t actually have wasted any of my regular weekend doing it. Makes sense to me.


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