Starbucks Red Cups

Today I got my first Red Cup of the 2010 winter season. According to an email I got from Starbucks this morning it shouldn’t have been ’til tomorrow but my local shop said they were doing it first because they were the best. After eight years of great service, I’m inclined to agree.

So it’s now official – winter has arrived. Not that you’d know it from the barmy balmy temperatures London is currently experiencing. My new coat is hanging on a peg at home wondering if it’s going to get an outing anytime soon. ItĀ seems unlikely.

The thing about the Red Cups though is that they’re best when it’s really cold. Best when you’re heading off to start a night shift and need a venti, extra-hot, skinny latte with a half shot of hazelnut syrup to help keep you going through the wee hours. Extra best when accompanied by a slice of gingerbread loaf.

But now it’s warm out, my night shifts are behind me and I’m trying to steer clear of cake, so the Red Cups aren’t doing their magic for me this year. Not yet, but I live in hope that soon the north wind will blow its icy breath over the city. Then, with a cold nose and a warm heart, I’ll be able to pull my hat down over my ears and say the sacred Red Cup mantra: “Eggnog latte please”.

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