Guy Fawkes Night

For the purposes of date-correctness, you’ll have to pretend that today is yesterday – 5th November. I’m pretending today is yesterday because the organisers of the Battersea Park celebrations are doing so too.

Tonight is my favourite night of the year. The night when all right-thinking English people celebrate the efforts of Guy Fawkes and his chums who tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament when it was full of politicians. At least, that’s what I like to tell tourists.

It’s a night when the air always smells of wood smoke and after the big display in Battersea Park is over, the little domestic explosions carry on way into the night.

Ironic that something so deadly as gunpowder can be used to create something as beautiful as fireworks. If only wars could be won by which side put on the best fireworks display.

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