Today, apparently, will see the internet shopping equivalent of a feeding frenzy. The online shopping companies are expecting (or hoping) to do more business today than any other day of the year. I’ve already done my bit for their cause, having purchased a new pair of sheepskin slippers first thing this morning.

Not that I needed a new pair of slippers as I have a very toasty pair already but I figure that if this winter is going to continue to be as beautifully cold as it currently is (and hopefully more so here in London), I want to be fully armed against the necessity of having to keep the heating on all the time.

Call me a freak but I would rather put my money in the pockets of the slipper-makers and cardigan-knitters than into the dividends of the energy suppliers’ shareholders – unless I win big on the Lotto, in which case I will purchase shares in the same energy company that I pay my bills to and then I’ll be laughing. (Actually, it might make more sense to find out who my downstairs neighbours’ supplier is because they have one seriously over-worked boiler.)

Until that day comes, my new slippers, old slippers and much-loved cardigan collection will have to start earning their keep.

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