The new Andrex advert

There are many different types of soft loo roll on the supermarket shelves and there’s not much reason to choose Andrex above, say, Kleenex, except for one thing – the adverts.

Andrex adverts have always been about cute puppies, not butt-wiping paper. And it’s fair to say that no-one really needs to see an advert for loo roll but we all need a regular dose of cute puppies to boost our mental well-being.

The Andrex puppy campaign has worked well for many years now – in fact since 1972 – so why change things now?

In my search for an answer to that question, I found an article from the Daily Mail which says that the change is to save money but I can’t believe that it’s cheaper to make a cartoon than to sit a live puppy in front of a camera.

The article also says that no cute puppies turned up for the audition – so why didn’t Andrex’s ad agency just send out some scouts to find one? In fact, had I known they were looking, I would have pitched them the cutest, wettest little poodle/spaniel-cross puppy that I met last week on Piccadilly in the snow. Or if they’d bothered to do a bit of scouting on YouTube, they would have found this little set of quintuplet puppies that my friend Anna sent to me this morning.

It really can’t be about money because I’m pretty sure these un-cute and rather freaky-looking new cartoon puppies will not encourage anyone to go out and buy Andrex. I’d certainly bet a tenner that their sales slump from here on.

On the other hand, it does leave the advertising market open to a new kind of puppy campaign. Maybe the coalition government should start a new campaign to get people to like them. Dave and Nick could personally sponsor Battersea Dogs Home and go on regular dog-walking/meet-the-press outings. I’m sure it would be a great success.

6 responses to “The new Andrex advert

  1. Come on now, it’s TOTAL clever marketing ploy, though none the less cute for it.

    Step one – hold open auditons for cute puppies, all breeds welcome. This gets everyone talking about your product and whether it needs to be a Labrador puppy, and you’re guaranteed newspaper coverage because the pics are so cute. Provide news agencies with lots of archive adverts so you’re basically getting a couple of days of free press attention, directly running all your best adverts.

    Step two – say that sadly, no puppy made the grade and, as you’re so concerned about animal welfare (and cash in these troubling financial times) you will use a CGI puppy from now on

    Step three – respond to the ensuing public outcry (this post blog being a case in point) by saying yes, you’re right, it’s not the same, we’ll bring back the real puppy

    Fourth – enjoy yet more newspaper coverage and reap the ‘Wispa effect’ as customers feel they were listened to and reward you with buying your bumrags.

  2. Well I hope you’re right, otherwise, come 1st May, I might have to add them to my BANNED list for crimes against humanity or whatever category mass forced puppy-withdrawal comes into.

  3. PS – love your automated avatar. It’s so you!

  4. Regrettably, my kids love the CGI pups – I can’t see the appeal myself. Give me a tortoise any day.

  5. Haha! Yes! and a real tortoise, not a cgi one.

    But tell me, do your kids pressure you to buy Andrex – or does the fact that your kids like the new ads have any bearing over what loo roll you buy? I’m pretty sure that I had no interest whatsoever in loo roll until I went to college and shared a house with a few cheapskates who’d buy rolls like crepe paper with hardly any sheets on them, just because they were the cheapest on the shelf.
    Surely these ads are aimed mostly at women?

  6. They know it’s Andrex but they never once ask me to buy that brand, mainly because they might get roped into doing the shopping if they start making special requests! I was tempted to buy some Toy Story 3 kitchen roll this week, but the extra 13p was too much of an indulgence for my mean and thrifty ways!

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