23rd December

Every winter since I moved to my current home, some wonderful person has gone around Chelsea putting Santa hats on all the statues.

This year, their┬áheads have remained uncovered and it’s made me feel a little sad but thanks to the wonders of Photoshop, at least Dolphin Boy can have a warm head.


2 responses to “23rd December

  1. St Thomas More has got one this year! I always wonder who sits behind that window and has to look up Dolphin Boy’s bum all day x

  2. I think someone went around hatting them all on Christmas Eve.
    As well as TM, the man by Battersea Bridge was done, plus Dolphin Boy and the 2 cheeky green kids climbing the pole by Albert Bridge pier.
    I don’t know who does the hatting but they get a heap load of brownie points from me.

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